Thank you from your winner – Laura!

Hi Everyone!

I remember when I first read about “I’m a Scientist – Get me out of here!”, I thought, WOW, this is such an amazing idea. When I was in school, there was never anything like this and my “lovely” guidance teacher discouraged me from studying the sciences (apparently I wouldn’t get the grades). No wonder I had an idea in my head that scientists were just super-brainy and dull “nearly-human beings”. I couldn’t have been more wrong though.

An event like this is a fantastic way of giving school pupils an idea of how many areas in science there are and to let them see that scientists really are quite normal people (mostly). I was absolutely thrilled to be selected as a scientist for the Hormone Zone! As it got closer, I started to feel a bit nervous as I didn’t know what to expect, and the other scientists’ profiles in the Hormones Zone were amazing!

It was a manic two weeks but it was so much fun and VERY addictive! The Live Chats were crazy at times but always great fun and certainly kept me on my toes. Any chance I got, I was answering the question on ASK (all 214 of them!) – on my journey to work, breaks, lunch, journey home, on the way to meet friends – any chance I got!

I was very impressed by many of the questions, both on ASK and the Live Chats! The Live Chats were full of energy and enthusiasm, not to mention “interesting” questions (working in male fertility and with sperm, I guess it can be expected!). The 30 minute Live Chat sessions flew by and I always wanted them to carry on.

This has been an amazing event and I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to take part in it. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me. I thought I would be the first one evicted, so I was absolutely delighted to have won. I’m looking forward to creating a super-duper modern website so we can share information easily. I also hope to get involved in raising awareness for testicular cancer. I hope everyone who took part enjoyed it as much as I did. Eeeeeeeeeh, I just want to do it all over again!

To all the students – Thanks for being part of the event and I hope it has given you an idea of what it can be like being a scientist, and hopefully it will have inspired you in some way. A career in science really is interesting and great fun. I wish you all the luck for the future in whatever career you choose. It’s not always easy deciding what you want to do but that’s okay, it will come to you. I think it’s important to do something you find interesting, fun and rewarding.

To the teachers – Thank you for encouraging your students to be involved in the event. Science teachers must be a lot better these days – such intelligent questions your students were asking!

To the moderators – Thanks for keeping everyone right and making sure everything ran smoothly.

I think that’s about it from me. It feels strange not rushing off to answer more questions. Back to normality and a very pleased husband who I pretty much ignored during the 2 weeks (oops).

Thanks again everyone!

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